Turgen are the UAE’s Authorized Distributor for all Guided Ultrasonics Ltd Products, including the popular G4 Mini.

Guided Wave Testing (GWT) is a relatively new non-destructive testing (NDT) method, which has been pioneered by GUL since its incorporation and the company has led the way in setting the standard for pipeline inspection and monitoring globally. GUL is committed to continuous improvement to meet the needs and expectations of our clients as well as the wider industry.


Guided Ultrasonics Limited (GUL) produces a series of Wavemaker® instruments. The Wavemaker® G4 Mini Full is the current version of instrument that we recommend to most of our clients. For clients that are budget limited or only want to collect data from gPIMS sensors, the G4 Mini Base and the gPIMS Mini Collector are also available. The 32‑channel Wavemaker® G4 continues to be supported and produced under special order.

The previous generation of instrument, the Wavemaker® G3, is no longer produced and does not support the most recently developed rings and sensors. Support for the G3 will be discontinued by 2020.


The latest Wavemaker® G4 Mini offers all of the traditional Wavemaker® features and some new ones in a small (22 x 30 x 13cm) and lightweight (4.5 kg) package.

This fully loaded instrument is capable of working with all of the pipe and tube transduction systems produced by GUL. It is suitable for both the lower frequencies that are used for buried and coated pipes and the higher frequencies that are used with HD rings for support inspection and higher sensitivity to pitting. With one button press, the instrument can be placed into gPIMS Collector mode to allow a minimally trained operator to collect repeat data from a permanently installed gPIMS sensor.

The instrument contains 16 channels; therefore you will need a pair of channel reducers when joining EFC or HD inflatable rings together to collect data on very large diameter pipes.


The WavePro4™ guided wave analysis software runs on a Windows based operating system and interfaces with the Wavemaker® G4 series instruments.

The software assists with the collection of data, the validation and analysis of the data, and the reporting of the results. Its many features simplify and speed up the inspector’s tasks while exploiting the full potential of guided wave screening, using GUL’s large variety of transduction systems. The software continues to evolve to bring new features that enhance the capabilities of guided wave screening.

A perpetual licence for use of the software is included in the price of the Wavemaker® G4 & G4mini. A special standalone analysis version (that is not tied to a Wavemaker® instrument) is also available for purchase.


The Compact® ring is the latest addition to the GUL guided wave transduction system which has been designed to be lightweight and low profile. This new system has been completely re‑engineered to build on everything that has been done before, while reducing weight by 35%, axial width by 30%, and radial height clearance to under 38mm.

This is an inspection system designed to tackle a wide range of inspection challenges including:

  • Bare / Painted Pipes
  • Sleeved or Unsleeved Road Crossing Pipes
  • Buried Pipes