Portable X-Ray Machine

Portable X-Ray unit is designed to the principle of low cost and high reliability, which is characteristic in convenient to carry, easy to operate and highly automated X-Ray tube and HT coil. Weight is further reduced with the use of SF6 gas insulation. Forced cooling fan guarantees the longevity of X-Ray tube, which makes the product suitable for field and highly above work. Control Unit is microprocessor controlled with module of controlled silicon voltage adjustment and frequency conversion technique. The function of fully automatic warm-up program, failure display, over voltage and mis-start protection, the stability and service life are much improved.

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Pipeline Crawler Systems

Pipeline crawlers are designed to produce high quality panoramic radiographs of circumferential butt welds in new pipelines from 6” to 72”. These units are designed and proven, both onshore and offshore, to work as a fully self contained, self powered exposure vehicle. There are no trailing leads and all commands are executed from outside the pipeline via remote control.

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