Heat Treatment Equipments & Accessories

  • Transformer 50KVA, 70KVA and others to customers’ requirements
  • Mains Voltage Control Unit
  • Heat Treatment Centre Units
  • Programmer
  • Temperature Recorders & Accessories
  • Thermocouple Welding Units & Accessories
  • Wire Cables & Splitters
  • Ceramic Pad Heater & Accessories
  • Ceramic Fiber Insulation & Mats
  • Camlocks Connectors, Sleeves & Pins
  • Ancillary Equipment

6 way Mobile Transformer

  • 50 KVA, 70 KVA Air Natural Transformer.
  • Transformer body Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Primary 3 Phase Input Tapping of 380/415/440.
  • A shunt trip facility in association with over temperature winding protections.
  • 110 volt fused auxiliary supply for instrumentation.
  • 6 channels contactorised switching with neon indicators for each of the 6 channels.
  • Also Transformer available as per customer’s requirements.

Heat Treatment Console Unit

  • 12 point temperature recorder.
  • 2X6 channel programmer.
  • Contactorised switching.
  • 12 polarized thermocouple sockets.
  • 2X110 volt 5 amp fused auxiliary outlet sockets.
  • Over temperature trip circuit.

Portable Temperature Programmer

During the heat treatment process it is vital that the temperature can be controlled accurately. We offer a range of programmers to suit the individual requirements of the end user, whether working under site conditions or in a workshop.

  • Microcontroller based for accuracy, reliability and compactness.
  • Digital indication of set point and time.
  • Proportional plus integral temperature control.
  • 6 controllers.
  • Thermocouple inputs electrically.
  • Digital 6 channel actual temperature display.
  • Compact construction.
  • Ramp hold feature.
  • C. breaks protection.
  • Separate ‘up and down’ rate settings.
  • Rear connectors for thermocouples and contactors.
  • Compact easy carry powder coated steel case


Temperature recording is the most important part of a heat treatment cycle, for either Preheating or Post Weld Heat Treating. The standard temperature recorder offered by Chino EH Series. The unit is encased in a mild steel case; a handle is fitted for ease of movement. 12 polarized sockets are fitted on the rear of unit for ease of connection

  • Twelve type K thermocouple sockets fitted to the rear of the unit
  • Six chart speeds (12.5, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 mm/h)
  • Chart and scale illumination allowing the operator to view the chart detail low light conditions
  • High level of accuracy ±0.25%
  • Twelve separate colour traces for clear identification of each temperature trace on the chart.
  • One EH05035 (0-1200°C) chart paper supplied as standard
  • Ergonomic folding handle fitted to each side of the case
  • °F version available on request

Thermocouple Attachment Unit

The thermocouple attachment unit performs a process called capacitor discharge which is used to attach thermocouple wire to the work piece.

This process is quick and easy and enables accurate temperature measurement.

  • Membrane panel to reduce unwanted ingress.
  • High efficiency converters for extended time between batteries re-charge, we estimate several hundred uses before re- charge is required.
  • Re-charging necessity shown by ‘Low Battery’ LED
  • Mains LED shows the battery is on charge.
  • Supplied with magnet, pliers and mains charging lead.